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Here is my collection of affiliate links - you know how it works: you buy via my links with no additional costs (and sometimes even with a special discount) and I get a small fee in return.

Programming Books

I could make an infinite list of books, but I will limit to the top books that changed my career.

Agile Technical Practices Distilled

I can easily say that this is the book that changed my career, bridging the gap between the amazing theory of XP and Agile and the practices that enable them in real projects. You HAVE to read this book!

Test Driven Development: By Example

Quite simply, test-driven development is meant to eliminate fear in application development. TDD is the best technique I've ever learned, it's a career changer.

eXtreme Programming: Explained

The root of all Agile practices and methodologies - wanna know how to do software well? Start from here!

Lean Software Development

Lean origins from the Toyota Production System and in this book you can discover the declination of it for software

Implementing Lean Software Development

While the previous book is about all the theory beyond Lean in Software, here you can read about real world examples and practical tips to implemnent it.

The DevOps Handbook

A practical book on how what is DevOps, what is based on (spoiler: Toyota and Lean, among others) and how to apply it to software

The Phoenix Project

A great fictional story of a problematic software projects and how DevOps practices help the manager solving those problems. Must have for all software people.


A book based on a research over 4 years to identify good metrics for Software Development teams and monitor them to prove Agile practices effectiveness! If you are still skeptic abnout TDD and CI, read this!

Software Lifetime Deals

Wheather it is for a business/side project or any other personal use, we all use softwares - here are some I use I can suggest you, but you can find a lot more on the AppSumo platform!


AI-powered resumes tailored for your dream job in minutes! By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Hyresnap offers personalized suggestions, industry-specific insights, and a user-friendly interface that streamlines the resume creation process.

Goose VPN

A simple VPN that offers all features you can expect for a single 29$ lifetime deal!


A Postman alternative: a fast and lightweight REST API client for Windows to create, debug and test your API.


An AI tool that allow you to easily create complex queries with just a few clicks, without writing any SQL.


A Calendly alternative that offers a very easy setup and an amazing lifetime deal starting at 29$!

Cloud Combo

With this great tool, you can browse, upload, download, share, delete and transfer files seamlessly between clouds services such as GDrive, Dropbox, and more.


Creating a fully customizable monitoring is possible with PingSuite. Adjust the request method, headers, body, authentication, and many more.


An AI-powered, no-code app builder that lets you create custom internal tools and client portals.

Home Office

Work From Home is pretty common nowadays, and having a good desk setup is fundamental: here are the tools I use!.

Stading Desk JUMMICO

The best budget standing desk I was able to find online: it's good looking, it's electric and it has 4 memory slot for height.

Tenda Nova MW6 Wi-Fi Mesh

I have tried multiple ways over the year to amplify a Wifi signal between different rooms / floors - and this Wifi mesh from Tenda is the best I've ever tried. Amazing value for cost.

WAVLINK Docking Station

One of the cons of a Mac: you need a DisplayLink compatible Docking Station to use two external monitors, and most of them are costly: this is the best budget option I found that works well with no issues!!

Keychron K2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Simple and compact wireless mechanical keyboard: a good comfort for a good price.

Monitor Samsung 28"

Among all monitors I've had, I want to suggest this in particular because it's 28 inches, which is a less common dimension. The value for cost is good and is great for work.

Angetube Webcam FullHD

A very basic, budget Full HD webcam - one of those you can easily put above the monitor without a stand, if you like. Above average quality for remote work at a good cost for value.

Webcam stand arm

A budget arm for Webcam - what I like of this is that it has a more flexible arm, therefore you have more flexibility on where to put it on your desk.

Tonor USB Microphone

The best budget microphone I've ever tried, it also includes a Pop filter and is compatible with most arms and stands.

Tonor Microphone stand arm

A budget microphone low profile arm stand. An amazing value for money, compatible with most microphone out there.

Softbox Lights

The cheapest Softbox I was able to find - they make a good light (and my house lack of natural light, sadly) for a very low price.