Participants Feedback About Their Learning Experience

Meet our Testimonials


Kevin Imerti

Junior Full stack Web Developer

"Authentic and engaging"

The best benefit is having a non-technical perspective (as Daniele points out) but a more "general" one. In fact, Daniele has the ability to explain and motivate the other person, enriching the discussion with examples of past experiences.

This kind of conversation shows Daniele's empathy, that is able to engage the mentee to ask many questions. In short, it creates a comfortable environment for any kind of chat, which is amazing.

The main benefit after each session is a sort of determination and indirect push from Daniele to commit anything you're uncertain about and overcome the barriers posed by a problem.


Pietro Della Notte

Backend Developer

"A special overview on TDD and OOP"

Daniele has engaging empathy and is skilled at finding the right words to describe topics, whether they are simple or complex.

Discovering things gradually, mixing theory with plenty of practice, has certainly made a difference.

The mentoring has helped me with some uncertainties regarding OOP. I'm able to approach TDD with less apprehension, and I'm less afraid to refactor.


Vittorio Migliore

Software Engineer

"Well-structured and accessible"

The workshop has been an excellent overview on TDD and OOP to write higher quality code.

The practical exercises (katas) were very helpful, and I found the educational material well-structured. Additionally, Daniele made the content accessible even to those who were not familiar with these topics.

Increased awareness and ability to apply TDD and best OOP practices in real-world contexts.


Ludovico Besana

QA Engineer

"Innovative, practical deep dive into TDD/OOP with Katas"

The effective combination of theory and practice has made learning dynamic and engaging. The hands-on approach through exercises like Fizz Buzz and 99 Bottles has allowed for direct experimentation with Test-Driven Development principles and object-oriented programming in real-world scenarios, facilitating a deep and lasting understanding.

Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation for Daniele's exceptional teaching ability, whose enthusiasm and profound knowledge of the subjects significantly enriched the learning experience.

The main benefit I perceived after the sessions was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the code I write.

Thanks to the constant practice of TDD, I have developed a greater attention to software design, ensuring that my code is not only functional but also well-structured and easily maintainable.

This workshop has strengthened my ability to apply OOP principles more effectively, leading to a reduction in errors and an increase in efficiency in project development.